Cal Poly Futbol Club is a student-run program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo that plays competitive intercollegiate soccer. Making it to the Quarter-Finals this past Fall season of 2017, the program is one of the top college club soccer teams in the nation and continues to grow. Recently, CPFC finished 1st in the Spring League of 2017, won their Fall Season League in 2017, got a bid to the national tournament by winning the regional tournament in San Luis Obispo, and made it to the quarter-finals in the National Tournament in Phoenix, AZ!

The program continues to thrive as a whole, with the team really looking forward to the rest of Spring 2018 season, and preparing for Fall of 2018.

Interested in learning more? Contact us, like our Facebook page, or read “About Us.”

The old Fall 2017 schedule is available under the “Fall 2017” tab above. Keep checking our website for updates. For specific questions, please check our “Contacts” tab, and email one of our listed administrators.



3 Responses to Home

  1. Alan Kirchick says:

    Alan says you need to take a new picture cuz alex isn’t in there.
    He also says Hi.


    • Alan Kirchick,

      I hope you have had the chance to see our updated home page. A huge shout out to AMK Insurance for funding our new jerseys this year! We appreciate all of your support.


  2. Alan Kirchick says:

    Stephanie and I are very happy that we could help with the uniforms. You girls are the best!

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