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About Us


Founded in 2009, Cal Poly FC (CPFC) has since become one of the top college club soccer programs in the Nation. Most recently, the club finished 1st in West Coast Soccer Association (WCSA) League this past Spring 2022 and went on to make it to the semifinals in the WCSA Showcase. CPFC also worked to place among the top four teams at the NIRSA National Championship in the Fall of 2021, and this program showcases talent, skill, and dedication. CPFC is made up of about 25 dedicated student-athletes, who all strive to play soccer at the most competitive level possible, while still balancing the demands of school. Our program is entirely student-run and participates as a club under Club Sports, through Cal Poly ASI.

For more information on Student Life, visit https://visit.calpoly.edu/student/student-life.html

Each player has a strong commitment to this team. We practice three times a week, generally Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. On non-practice days, we occasionally have other workouts including weights, fitness games, or futsal. During the Fall Season, there are games and practices every week and weekend up until Thanksgiving. The Annual Regional Tournament falls during Halloween weekend every year, and Nationals falls the week before Thanksgiving break. Our “off” season is during Winter Quarter where practices are less frequent and we gear up for the upcoming Spring season. This season is much like Fall, but shorter, with less games and traveling. To be part of this team, one must be committed to all practices, games, and related events, however we do have a “school comes first” philosophy.

Because we are student-run, we get very minimal funding from the school; the funding is not enough, and girls are required to pay dues to cover additional costs including travel, equipment, and uniforms. Depending on our schedule, travel arrangements, and various tournaments, dues can fall between $400 and $500 per season.

Each and every girl has a unique and special part of the team. This team is more than just a group of soccer players; it has become a second family and support system to us all. It has shaped our college experience, allowing us to continue our love of soccer at the highest level and make friendships that last a lifetime.

Please email us for any further information you would like about our program!

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